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Sylda, a young half-elf, has just graduated from the College of Mages. And, joy of joys, she has also moved back in with her parents. Stuck in a dead-end town with no idea what to do, she begins writing a diary, hoping something interesting will happen. And, as luck would have it, something interesting DOES happen... 'The Prickwillow Papers' is a Snazzy Tapir Production.

Sep 5, 2021

The Prickwillow Papers is a comedy-fantasy audio drama about a young half-elf graduate called Sylda, and her extremely rude and grumpy fay "friend" Squirm. You can listen to the entirety of Season 1 now, wherever you get your podcasts! 

The Prickwillow Papers is a Snazzy Tapir Production, created by Maddy Searle. 


Aug 18, 2021

Today, we're introducing the very first episode of Realms of Peril and Glory, an all new actual play podcast. Each season of Realms of Peril and Glory is a new story told collaboratively at the table. 

You can find and listen to Realms of Peril and Glory anywhere you listen to podcasts, or you can follow this link to...

Dec 11, 2019

Sylda is studying hard for her final assessment, and Squirm is coerced into writing a diary. 

This episode was part of the Showcase Session at the London Podcast Festival Presents... Audio Drama. It was recorded live at King's Place on 30 November 2019. 

The event was hosted by Tin Can Audio and the other amazing shows...

Sep 16, 2019

Squirm tells all, and Sylda speaks her mind. Will Squirm get her powers back after all?

Contains strong language.

Transcript available here.

Written, produced and performed by Maddy Searle.

Find us on Twitter @PrickwillowPod and @SnazzyTapir. You can also find us on Facebook  at @snazzytapir and at our website.


Aug 19, 2019

Sylda wants Squirm to tell her everything about her past, but they are rudely interrupted.

Contains strong language, gunshots and violence.

Transcript available here.

Written and produced by Maddy Searle. Performed by Maddy Searle, Lewis Robertson and David Devereux. Additional recording by David Devereux.    

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