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Sylda, a young half-elf, has just graduated from the College of Mages. And, joy of joys, she has also moved back in with her parents. Stuck in a dead-end town with no idea what to do, she begins writing a diary, hoping something interesting will happen. And, as luck would have it, something interesting DOES happen... 'The Prickwillow Papers' is a Snazzy Tapir Production.

Jan 14, 2019

Sylda is getting used to her grumpy new roommate, Squirm, and is trying to keep her entertained. But Squirm wants to get her powers back, and thinks Sylda may be able to help. 

Contains strong language. 

Transcript available here.

Written, produced and performed by Maddy Searle. 

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You can also find us on Facebook @snazzytapir and on our website

Sounds by Soundsnap